Truck Accidents


In most car accidents, the stakes are high. When it comes to collisions involving large trucks, however, the potential injuries, medical bills, and obstacles to claims recovery are even greater. Nearly one out of every eight traffic deaths is caused by a collision with a large truck (tractor-trailers or “semi trucks”). Even though large truck operators are tightly regulated, negligence, intoxication, and fatigue can plague any driver.

Despite the incredibly serious injuries that victims face in these types of collisions, insurance companies will still do everything they can to minimize your payout and maximize their profits for their shareholders and executives. They are trained to make it hard for car accident victims to be made whole. They don’t care about whether you are hurt or suffering. But Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP will make them care. Insurance companies are no match for a trial attorney with years of real courtroom experience.

Steve Shellist, Peyton Peebles, and Sean McAlister can help cyclists and their families recover from the consequences of a collision with a semi-truck. Our firm is experienced in:

  • Navigating the claims process with insurance companies
  • Handling payment for hospital bills and medical expenses
  • Recovering for damages or lost wages
  • Negotiating for insurance companies to cover future medical expenses

Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP works with victims, their families, their medical providers, and their insurance companies to ensure that injured motorists or grieving families are made whole. When you or your loved one is injured as a result of a truck driver’s negligence, you need a skilled, aggressive trial attorney on your team to combat insurance companies during the claims process. Call our offices for a confidential consultation.