DWI Victories


FELONY DWI—Two consecutive NOT GUILTY jury verdicts for a client arrested for his 7th and 8th Driving While Intoxicated charge.  Client was on parole after receiving a 60-year sentence on DWI number six.  First Jury Trial: Officer stated he was driving without headlights and weaving all over the road. Officer alleged client was so intoxicated that he was staggering and could not even perform the sobriety tests. The jury found the client NOT GUILTY after only deliberating for 30 minutes.  Second Jury Trial: Officer did not give the client a chance (because of his prior history) and greatly embellished the signs of intoxication, describing client as “falling down drunk.” The jury agreed that the station video painted a much different picture of the defendant and found him NOT GUILTY.

DWI with gun possession—Client drove completely through a house at 2:30 am, admitted drinking, failed sobriety tests—NOT GUILTY BY JURY (DWI) and gun case dismissed.

DWI on alcohol and pain killers—Client failed sobriety tests, drove over neighbor’s mailbox, and had .21 blood test—DISMISSED after showing insufficient anticoagulant and clotted blood sample.

DWI—Client collided with an 18-wheeler and had “slurred speech, red bloodshot eyes, poor balance, odor of alcohol” after drinking wine at child’s school function—DISMISSED upon showing motive for government witness to lie and medical records consistent with injury rather than intoxication.

DWI—Client drove over 100 miles-per-hour, failed field sobriety tests, and refused a breath test—DISMISSED after securing police video showing clear speech and thought.

DWI—Client ran into the back of a vehicle that was waiting to pay at a tollbooth. Arresting officer claimed the the client had an open container of alcohol in the vehicle and admitted drinking six beers. DISMISSED after presenting evidence that both the officer and the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident greatly exaggerated their stories.

FELONY DWI WITH CHILD PASSENGER—Officer alleged that client ran a stop sign. Client provided a breath sample with a result almost three times the legal limit. DISMISSED after showing the officer illegally stopped the client because there was no stop sign at the intersection in question.

DWI—Client accident. Blood sample taken at the hospital showed client to have at least twice the legal limit of alcohol. The case was DISMISSED after the state was unable to produce a witness who could positively identify our client as the driver.