Criminal Investigations


Criminal charges happen one of two ways: (1) an officer observes the crime and arrests immediately, such as a DWI charge; or (2) an officer contacts the District Attorney to file charges after completing a longer investigation, such as a fraud or sexual assault allegation. The lawyers at Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP can help in either case. If charges have not been filed, however, their involvement can have an added benefit.

Steve Shellist, Peyton Peebles, and Sean McAlister all began their careers as prosecutors at the District Attorney’s Office. They talked to police officers during criminal investigations, advised them on case weaknesses, and chose which charges to accept or deny. This experience, along with their vast network of connections within law enforcement and at the District Attorney’s Office, help them advise clients who find themselves under criminal investigation. The lawyers often contact investigators and prosecutors to gain insight into the allegations as well as offer assistance where necessary.

Police officers and federal agents conducting criminal investigations usually follow a standard procedure. This often involves interviewing or interrogating the investigation’s target (the person or people under investigation). Government investigators have many tools at their disposal—a team of agents, forensic investigators, immediate access to nationwide data, and lengthy training. The targets are usually unprepared and underinformed about the allegation. They don’t know the law, only know some of the facts, and often say things that seem helpful but are actually harmful. Moreover, Texas and federal courts have consistently upheld an officer’s ability to LIE during an interview. It is therefore absolutely imperative that a target appear for an interview with a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP has provided sound advice to many, many people in this position. Our lawyers have taken the experience and tools they learned as prosecutors and applied them to defending those charged with, or under investigation for, criminal conduct. With over 50 years of combined experience as prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, they are in a unique position to help you.