Child Abuse


Defense against Child Abuse Charges in Texas

Allegations of child abuse are serious criminal charges that can face parents, as well as childcare providers like babysitters, daycare workers, teachers and nannies. A conviction for these crimes can have devastating repercussions, leading to prison time, financial penalties and the loss of parental rights.

From their offices in Houston, Texas, the defense attorneys at Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP represent people in criminal cases involving child abuse. They use a legal team approach when representing you, employing the talents of four former prosecutors to develop powerful defense strategies in your case involving the following charges:

  • Sexual assault of a child
  • Aggravated sexual assault of a child
  • Child molestation
  • Child neglect
  • Child abandonment
  • DWI with a child
  • Assault against a child

Don’t make the mistake of trying to cooperate with law enforcement with the hopes of keeping this quiet. If it means giving up your job to keep your freedom, make the right choice. Do not speak with employers or law enforcement before you consult with experienced lawyers.

Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately upon being accused.

Especially for parents, the collateral consequences for a child abuse conviction can be particularly harsh. Not only can a mother or father face jail time and the social stigma associated with a conviction for child abuse, he or she may also lose their parental rights. Attorneys from  Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP will be by your side throughout the entire criminal process, putting the collective skills of their legal team on your side.

Any investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) can eventually lead to a criminal prosecution; social workers frequently refer allegations of child abuse to district attorneys. If you have been notified that you are under investigation by a CPS social worker, speak to a Houston child abuse lawyer immediately.

To sit down and talk confidentially with an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP, contact the firm in Houston today and schedule a free consultation.