Assaultive Offenses


Defending People against Assault Charges in Texas

An assault can happen anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. Assault charges can be filed in domestic disputes, bar fights, fights between acquaintances, and situations where you weren’t even the first aggressor. The police rarely have personal knowledge of what happened—they are usually called out after the fight is over. Their decision on arrests and charges is influenced heavily by witness statements and physical evidence. These can be deceptive, flat wrong, or ignore defensive issues that would have justified otherwise criminal conduct. As a result, sometimes people get charged with assault who are not responsible and should never have been charged.

Assault charges can range from simple arguments between friends to altercations involving deadly conduct. Our firm can defend you against any of the following:

  • Aggravated assault (assault causing serious bodily injury or using a deadly weapon)
  • Class A assault (assault causing bodily injury)
  • Class C assault (assault by offensive contact)
  • Assault – Domestic Violence
  • Injury to a child
  • Injury to the elderly
  • Kidnapping
  • Unlawful restraint

The attorneys at Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP use a legal team approach when representing people charged with any assault-related crime. As three former Harris County prosecutors, they understand how the police work, how charging decisions are made, and how the prosecutors approach these cases in court. We have a tremendous amount of experience and understand the tactics used by police officers and prosecutors to elicit statements and seek convictions for those accused of assault. Contact them immediately for a free consultation before you make a decision that could jeopardize your case.

Don’t make the mistake of providing incriminating statements to police. Before saying anything, consult an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled many assault related matters.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options and how we can defend you against any type of assault charge, contact Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP today.