Corporate Investigations

Corporations and business entities, both public and private, are facing severe scrutiny and aggressive regulatory enforcement from federal and state government agencies. Business entities can face significant legal obstacles when corporate conduct comes under scrutiny. As former felony prosecutors, the attorneys at Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP now devote their time, talent, and resources to defending corporations and business persons whenever they come under fire for compliance issues. They have experience representing companies during internal investigations and protecting their business interests after any self-disclosure.

When a corporation is confronted with allegations or evidence of potential company wrongdoing, Steve Shellist, Peyton Peebles, and Sean McAlister can help their clients respond promptly and properly. Whether the right remedy involves discipline, remediation, or even negotiation with regulatory agencies, Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP advocates aggressively for their clients’ best interests.

Corporate scrutiny frequently focuses on compliance issues. Federal and state government agencies closely examine whether companies are complying with their legal and ethical duties. With their years of experience, the lawyers at Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP understand that sometimes the best legal defense is a good offense—the firm can assist its clients with effective corporate internal investigations to ensure compliance is observed and implemented before the government intervenes.

With a confidential, internal investigation plan that is specifically tailored to suit each client’s unique needs, Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP can help their corporate clients move through the compliance process. These investigation plans include document review, personnel interviews, legal analysis, and internal compliance reporting. The ultimate goals of corporate internal investigation are to halt the corporate conduct that places business entities under government scrutiny, to cement the company’s good-faith response to the allegations, to insulate board members and management from complicity, and to promote an overall culture of transparency and compliance throughout the corporation.

In addition to defending companies facing legal problems, Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP also helps companies ferret out criminal or otherwise improper conduct that is victimizing the company. Our firm can help companies and their directors internally investigate and identify the source of such issues. Moreover, the firm can act as a liaison between the company and state and federal law enforcement agencies to help prosecute those responsible, including obtaining restitution where appropriate.

If your business entity needs help with an investigation—either as the target or the victim—call Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP today to schedule a consultation. 



Healthcare Compliance

Health care is a highly regulated field. Entities involved in the health industry are required to comply with numerous laws, rules, and regulations as a condition of participation and operation. The lawyers of Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP have years of experience helping clients navigate the complex field of regulations involving healthcare compliance. Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP has experience dealing with healthcare fraud and abuse, provider reimbursement issues, certification, licensing, and health information security and privacy. Their attorneys counsel clients from every sector of the health care industry. Steve, Peyton, and Sean help their clients create custom compliance programs, training, and policies to address their specific compliance needs. Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP also performs compliance program reviews to help their clients identify and address gaps in compliance.

The attorneys at Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP have a deep understanding of the federal healthcare fraud and abuse laws, including the federal Anti-Kickback Statute, the False Claims Act, and the Stark Law.  They also counsel clients on state-based fraud and abuse laws, including corporate medical practice and fee splitting. The firm helps healthcare providers and their business associates ensure that their transactions and their healthcare networks comply with regulatory guidelines and parameters. This includes counseling on compliance with the various complex regulations surrounding physician-patient relationships, hospital-physician joint ventures, physician compensation arrangements, and physician ancillary services.

Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP not only helps counsel clients when they face compliance concerns, we also proactively analyze the regulatory implications of proposed transactions to limit liability and ensure successful execution of those transactions. The firm is experienced in identifying and mitigating compliance issues at each stage of the transaction process.

Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP also counsels their health care clients on reimbursement issues arising under Medicaid, Medicare, and other government-structured health programs. The firm has experience advising on matters ranging from Medicaid/Medicare participation rules, overpayment liabilities, change of control issues, compliance with reimbursement standards, and coverage issues, including graduate medical education regulations, cost-reporting compliance, and provider-based status. The attorneys also counsel healthcare providers on compliance with cost-reporting rules and billing regulations and advise non-physician healthcare practitioners on the regulations governing billing and reimbursement for diagnostic and therapeutic services.

If your corporate entity needs help navigating complicated healthcare regulations, call Shellist Peebles McAlister LLP today to set up a consultation.