Steven D. Shellist REVIEWS

Posted by Professor

on Mar 18

Star lawyer with incredible smarts and energy

Our family member was charged with possession in result of overzealous police arrest without of a probable cause. There was also a misdemeanor charge to boot. We had no choice but to fight to avoid career damage. Cases like this are tough and require exceptionally skillful lawyering. After interviewing several highly rated attorneys, we went with the team of Steve Shellist at Shellist McAlister, LLP. Mr. Shellist accomplished the best outcome – both cases got dismissed. It almost does not happen in Brazoria County. Yes, he was willing to travel there. What we valued in Steve the most was that he was looking forward to try the case and that he enjoyed it. When I see someone enjoying his/her work I know it will be done well. Then there is his incredible energy and fast thinking. The strategy Steve outlined was aggressive yet finely tuned. I knew Steve is a star lawyer, but I was amazed nonetheless.



Posted by Marrielle

Sunday at 2:23pm

Fast dismissal

EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS. A triumph for excellence, trustworthy and assertive. From day 1 I felt safe . He was able to give me the assurance that I needed to kept going. Kept me informed and surprised me dismissing the case in 3 months.

High recommendations for this outstanding professional.




Posted by Terry

on April 2

Very Professional!

Steve S. was the best decision I ever made, my previous lawyer did not make me feel comfortable and just saw me as another case. Steve was real with me from the beginning and never left my side. When ALL I mean ALL odds were stacked against me he came through for me and fought for me like I was his last client. He is very welcoming and I feel like he is apart of my family now. He always kept me informed, and he had my back until the end. Thank you Steve for everything, you've changed my life forever!!



Posted by a client

on Mar 7

Best Lawyer In Town

Mr. Shellist handled our entire case with great care and professionalism. He never made us feel as if he was unapproachable, which made working with him a completely different experience from every other lawyer. He knew the importance of handling our case the right way. I was not only impressed by his knowledge and experience, but also how humble and kind he is as a person. He had our felony case dismissed within the first court appearance, which was absolutely unexpected and had us crying in joy. I'd recommend Mr. Shellist to anyone in a heartbeat.



Posted by Tamara Tardy

on Jan 31

Consummate Professional

Steve Shellist is a Consummate Professional, we had a great experience working with him! I had contacted 6-7 different Lawyers trying to find the ‘Right Lawyer’ for my Son’s case (very minor marijuana charge – 2 joints!) and I found most of them we’re not even current on New Information and Marijuana Laws that had come out this year. Steve was very Aware, Knowledgeable and also Personable, Friendly, Straightforward and easy to work with. I immediately felt at ease and knew my Son was in good hands with this Man. My son really liked him as well. We knew we had found the Right Lawyer and we both relaxed and let Steve handle everything. I would re-hire Steve anytime~ Tamara



Posted by a client

on Jan 23

I call him Houdini

I have worked in Harris County Criminal,justice for over 30 years. I am frequently asked for lawyer referrals. Every time I have referred a case to Mr. Shellist his result has far exceeded my expectations. In fact, on multiple occasions he has achieved amazing results including several dismissals and no-bills. If you or a loved one are in trouble you can be assured that this lawyer will use his experience, talent and creativity to achieve the best possible outcome. Mr. Shellist is smart, dedicated and very well respected by Judges, Assistant DA's and other members of the bar.



Posted by Dana

on Dec 9, 2014

Angel sent from God

Steve is our Angel sent from God. He went over and above in my son's case and was always there throughout the entire process. He worked hard and diligently down to every last detail. We had total faith in him which gave us comfort and peace during such an emotional time. In the end, he saved my son's future by getting his case dismissed. We are so grateful for everything he did we can never thank him enough. Steve is the best at what he does, but also cares about his client and the family. We are truly blessed. I would absolutely recommend him to everyone.



Posted by Chris

on Oct 16, 2014

Class II Felony Reduction to a misdemeanor



Posted by Syed Maaz

on Oct 2, 2014

Most talented, smart, knowledgeable attorney cares about his client.

We will never forget his help. He is our ANGEL & HERO. I strongly believe that Steve is the most talented, most knowledgeable, hard working and caring lawyer. He digs down deeper and hit the core issue. He does not feel hesitant protecting his client who becomes the victim of discrimination. Within minutes, he looks at the whole case and facts and hot the core issue. He gave us his time, he worked hard, he confronted the plaintiff and asked for proofs. He worked harder beyond our expectations. He knows that how bad judgment against his client can ruin his/her future. Steve gives his 10000% to win your case. I am very confident that if he takes your case then you are already a winner. He analyzes your case from many different angels and demands all proofs whatever is needed to present all facts to the judge/prosecutor. He has great insight. I was surprised that even though he is just one person, but he has brain of 10 attorneys. His thought process, analytical skills are amazing. I have seen other attorney happy with Pre Trial Diversion. BUT Steve's sets his goal only for the DISMISSAL. He will fight for you, he will work hard. He is always accessible and available. He does not change his attitude after you have made the payment. He spent extra time with us outside the court room to explain the process and his strategies. He meets with you in his office and gives hours to go over your case. I wish I could write better English and had more vocabulary. Me and my whole family went through the worst nightmare. Steve had case dismissed within 90 days. Me and my whole family will be always grateful to him. He does not allow prosecutors to intimidate you or him. We feel very grateful for his help, hard work, kindness, and care. We will always remember his help. Steve and Sherin are our two angels. Thank you Steve for every thing you did for us. My sister, brother in law, my parents, and my two little nephews are very thankful to you. Your guidance, experience, dedication, hard work and special attention had this case dismissed. Honestly, we have lot of respect and love for you also. You were on our side during the most painful and difficult time of our life. Thank you SO MUCH.



Posted by Travis W

on Sep 4, 2014

Saved Me and My record! Very grateful

I was facing assault with bodily injury charges as well as violation of probation charges, but Steve and his team were able to get me off on both charges, and I still have no convictions on my record. Thanks again Steve.



Posted by Dennis

on Aug 26, 2014

Forever appreciated

Steve Shellist is a true blessing from God. My 21 year old son made a bold decision to join the U. S . Navy with his mind focused on becoming a Navy SEAL. He had three months before he was to head to Boot Camp and he attended a party on his behalf, drank a little too much, drove and got a DWI. My son did not hit or hurt anyone, but he weaved all over the road with some one following him on the phone with the police giving a blow by blow. I had retained a young attorney who seemed to have knowledge, but really didn't. I spoke to a lady that happened to have a son that got into trouble and she mentioned that she had a great lawyer who could find a way where there was no way to get a dismissal. I spoke to Steve and came in with my son and he gave an hour or more of his time looking at the film and giving us assurance that there was a way to defend this and get him into the Navy. I truly felt that we were led by God to this Lawyer Extra-ordinare. His experience, compassion, honesty, enthusiasm, creativity and brilliance all pointed to him as the best lawyer to handle my son's case. Immediately Steve spoke too the Judge and skillfully convinced her to allow Daniel to attend Boot Camp. Daniel performed outstandingly in his courses and against insurmountable odds Steve diligently worked and found a way where there was no way to work with the DA to get Daniel's case dismissed. I will not go to any other lawyer if I have a reason in the future. His demeanor and creativity around the courts are a gift from the Lord and I will send anyone that needs a GREAT lawyer. His purpose is not here to get the guilty off, but he can help those who have made a mistake to have a second chance. He is our friend.



Posted by a Criminal Defense client

on Jul 30, 2014

He is the one you can rely on!

Case dismissed! Steve is a great lawyer. He is very responsible and very positive. He was always there whenever we needed him. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and willing to challenge himself ! Most importantly, he is not just our lawyer. He is a great friend. His enthusiasm supported us to get through the most difficult time, and finally got the happy ending! We highly recommend Steve, and we are truly grateful for what he has done for us! Please do not hesitate to go to him when you feel you are helpless! He is the one you can rely on!



Posted by a DUI client

on Jul 27, 2014

Steve should be the one you call.

I have not had the need to hire an attorney before, but I am glad that when I did require the legal help from an attorney Steve was recommended to me by a few friends. From the first meeting I had with Steve everything was out on the table, possibilities and scenarios from the outcome of the case, to ways we will approach the situation. Steve is a realistic and positive lawyer, he will find the best routes for your case. My case was dismissed in the end, but through out it all Steve and his assistants made sure that I was well informed in every detail of the process. I really admired the way everything was put so that i could understand what was going on, although I was nervous about it I never lost the security that Steve would know what to do. very satisfied and would recommend Steve highly


Posted by a Criminal Defense client

on Jun 26, 2014

Advice we could take to the bank

Steve's knowledge of the system and the personalities that related to our case meant we were well prepared. Without his expert involvement this case would have had costly and lasting ramifications. I really admired the way everything was put so that I could understand what was going on, although I was nervous about it I never lost the security that Steve would know what to do. very satisfied and would recommend Steve highly.



Posted by Donna

on May 19, 2014

How far is a person willing to go for a complete stranger

My daughter was involved in an assault case where she was defending herself from an adult. I was faced with trusting a complete stranger with the life of my 17 year old child. Mr. Shellist and his staff knew that this case was going to go to trial, and that it did. I have never seen an Attorney go straight through the evidence and present it in such a manor. But the most important thing of all no longer was my daughter just another client it was as if he was defending his own natural blood. He went straight for the facts of the case no candy coating anything and at the end after a full day 12 hours later it took the jury less than five minutes to find my daughter not guilty but a victim. But it did not stop there in this particular case the officer involved had done many things that were not correct and would scare anybody to know that he was out there to protect the innocent not persecute them, the actions of this officer was turned over to a Commanding Officer and is now being investigated. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. Sad to say but when I was in doubt and scared out of my mind he was not. I can never Thank him enough for all that he has done not only as an attorney but as a person who can see beyond the doubt. Please if you are ever looking for an attorney do not hesitate to contact Steve Shellist.



Posted by a DUI client

on Mar 19, 2014

The lawyer that lawyers go to!

As the General Counsel for a large company in Houston, I routinely hire lawyers. Steve is simply the best! I hired him for a matter involving my daughter and he achieved the best result, a full dismissal of the case. It is clear that Steve is in this for more than a paycheck. He becomes very invested personally in your case and does everything possible to win. He is also a super nice guy who is very easy to deal with. He has an amazing winning percentage. He is the lawyer that lawyers go to!! We cannot thank him enough.



Posted by Keith

on Mar 4, 2014

A big thanks to Steve!!!

Thank you so much Steve for being the awesome attorney that you are!! You helped me prove my innocence in court and was able to get my charges dismissed. I appreciate you being by my side 100% every step of the way for 7 months. You are truly an amazing lawyer!!! I recommend you to anyone seeking legal advise.



Posted by Tamika Levi

on Mar 3, 2014

Awesome Lawyer

Steve Shellist by far is one of the best Lawyers in Houston,Tx. He worked diligently on my case from beginning to end. I was able to have a one on one with him out of his busy schedule to assist me with my case. The ending result was that my case was Dismissed only days after him getting on my case which was impeccable. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends. So if you're in need of a lawyer and you know that you were innocent gives the Shellist a call.



Posted by Kimberly W

on Jul 8, 2013

The Best Man for the job!

Steven Shellist is the best lawyer I have ever had to deal with. Mr. Shellist kept me informed he explained everything that could happen throughout my husband's case. He made a stressful situation less stressful for me and I just thank him so much for that. Mr. Shellist makes you feel comfortable and so easy to speak to. My husband and I was very pleased with the outcome of his case and will highly recommend Shellist to anyone that need a lawyer. I pray we never have to use him again but, if we ever need an attorney he is our guy. Shellist can get the job done!



Posted by Nadir

on Jun 17, 2013

*** Case Dismissed ***

I was one day away from being charged with a DWI. I didn't feel comfortable with my current lawyer - I was referred to Mr. Shellist by a friend - I gave him a call and went to meet him. He did not hesitate in telling me that I had a chance after reviewing my case. I went in to court the next day and got my case reset - Mr. Shellist was on board for there on. He was honest and straight forward and always available to answer all my questions - I met Mr. Shellist a few times and He always had positive feedback. He has given me a new life. If anyone ever needs a lawyer - I would not only refer them to a Professional but, I would personally take them to visit. I highly recommend Mr. Shellist without a doubt.



Posted by a DUI client

on May 21, 2013

Highly Recommended

Steve was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable of my options and ultimately got my case dismissed.



Posted by Matthew

on May 9, 2013

DUI/DWI case dismissed

Steve Shellist was great throughout the whole process. Explained everything that could happen and also his thought process on how to defend me. Very easy to talk to and also down to earth. in the end his reputation alone was able to get the case dismissed as I never made it to trial. Steve was not going to let me settle or plea. I would highly recommend him.



Posted by Cates

on May 7, 2013

The Wisest & Most Skillful Defense Lawyer

Our son was charged with a third-degree felony. We were uncomfortable with our previous lawyer's game plan and began to look elsewhere. Then we found Mr. Shellist, who had ideas and plans not even considered by our former counselor.

Mr. Shellist is very personable, has a calming demeanor, shrewd insights, and able to convey enthusiasm towards his well-thought out strategy. He was able to develop an excellent defensive plan, carry it out with skill and perfect timing, and produce the results for which we were striving - the dropping of the charges. We highly recommend Mr. Shellist and would not hesitate to come to him should we ever find we have need of a lawyer again. He is an extremely impressive lawyer, and we are grateful to have had him at the helm.



Posted by Harry

on May 1, 2013

Super lawyer

Just got the good news today. My case is officially dismissed. How did you do it Steve? You are the best lawyer I've ever had. Steve got me off my first DWI 3 years ago which I blew almost double the limit and now when I needed his help again, he came through. I am a professional who could not afford anything on my record, and thanks to this super lawyer my career is saved. Steve treated me like a friend and not a client. He comforted me like a good pal through out the entire proceeding. He has that charm that he often carry into the court rooms that is able to persuade prosecutors and judges to favor him and not only that he used to be a prosecutor himself. How could I not recommend this super lawyer? Thanks for everything Mr. Shellist!



Posted by Jesse M

on Apr 30, 2013


I retained Mr. Shellist to handle my federal case back in August of last year. I am a person who had never in my life been in trouble before and I found myself living a nightmare. This was a case that most would probably consider high profile due to the given circumstances surrounding it. Due to the severity and seriousness of my case, I first inquired hiring a "big name" attorney's such as Mr Deguerin etc (did not feel comfortable with them). I came upon Mr. Shellist's website and decided to give him a call. From the time we spoke on the phone I was convinced he was the attorney I was going to retain. He immediately displayed his concern and began making phone calls to gather details before I even advised him I was going to hire him. The entire time (lasted about 8 months) he kept me at peace and I knew he was not just working for personal fulfillment, but because he cared deeply on a personal level about my case. In this experience I've learned that it is essential to hire an attorney that is going to fight for you as if he was fighting for his own life, and that is exactly what he did. Mr. Shellist went above and beyond his abilities to accomplish the best results for me. The results I received are unimaginable, and I could not ask for anything better. You would only agree with me if you had thorough knowledge of federal case results and statistics. My heart tells if I did not hire Steve ...well, I probably would not be here (sitting at HOME) typing this review right now. Steve is very hard-working,dependable and trustworthy. He is not just someone I considered my attorney, but someone I came to embrace as my friend. My entire future and life depended on him, and here I am, he saved it. I would highly recommend and endorse Mr. Shellist and his staff to anyone, don't second yourself when in need of an attorney that is going to fight for you till the end. Thank you Steve.




Posted by Maurice

on Apr 20, 2013

Affordable Attorney with Integrity, Tact, and Knowledge

I have dealt with close to ten attorney's throughout the past 4 years, retainers ranging from $5K to $1M, he is without a doubt one of the best lawyers I have encountered and I would strongly recommend him to anyone. I was well informed throughout the entire process, he wasn't a clock-watcher, charging for every call, email, or communication but rather he focused on helping build a partnership with me so we could bring forth the best strategy for him to execute. He came highly recommended to me by another attorney. I am happy to say he is worth his weight in gold. Thank you Steve.




Posted by adam

on Apr 18, 2013


A very honest straight forward,experienced and an expert at what he does. A's all the way. Prosecutors and judges like him. Very articulate. A well known attorney that i hired before him just couldn't get the job done. Hiring Steve was such a relief. Got my case dismissed. Thxx Steve.




Posted by a Child Abuse client

on Mar 23, 2013

Excellent Lawyer!! Felony Case Dismissed!!

Excellent Lawyer!!! Case Dismissed!!I have rarely seen a lawyer who would listen to you and take all the stress and burden on themselves. Mr. Shellist worked hard and diligently on my case. I went to many lawyers offices before I chose Mr. Shellist. Some said case would never be dismissed and some never gave the hope that was looking for. I admire his sincerity and devotion towards his client. He would always return call no matter what time you call/text him. He gave me hope and encouragements even when things didn't look good. I would recommend him to anyone with any criminal charges you might be facing.




Posted by a client

on Mar 7, 2013


Have recommended various client to him and know of people he has represented. All recommend him highly. I have not received a complaint from anyone which means they know how to treat their clients.




Posted by a DUI client

on Mar 1, 2013

Not Guilty!!!

I retained Mr. Shellist to represent me for a DWI charge I obtained in June of 2012. Not only was this a terrifying and difficult situation for my family and I, but my entire career rested on the result of this case. I knew from Mr. Shellist's reputation that not only was he a fair and trustworthy attorney, but he would work as hard as he possibly could to provide me with the best representation possible. This is exactly what he did. We appeared in court on February 25, 2013 for a Jury trial and on February 28, 2013 the Jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY!!!!!! Thank you Steve, Thank you for your hard work and dedication!!!!!



Posted by Harsh

on Nov 20, 2011

Great attorney that gives you great results!!

Trustworthy dependable and hard-working attorney, who you can count on to give you good results. Great convincing personality,will fight your case to the end. I would recommend this attorney to anyone. Trust me he saved my life.


Thank you Steve for all your hard work!!




Posted by Quincey

on Nov 15, 2011


Steven is a great lawyer and I recommend him to anyone in need. I had other lawyers in mind before I decided on which one I was going to choose to take my case and I made the perfect decision going with Steve. I was wrongfully charged in this particular case and this was my first time having any dealings with the courts. And by choosing Steven, I couldn't have made a better choice. The entire case was dropped and I believe if I would have went with a different lawyer, then the case probably would've had a different outcome. Not only do I see him as my lawyer but I also consider him a dear friend. He's honest, knowledgeable, and most important, he help me remain calm and positive when dealing with my case. Overall I felt 100% comfortable with Steve on my case. I thank God for blessing me with him as my lawyer.




Posted by a Criminal Defense client

on Nov 14, 2011

Steve is the man!

Not only did Grand Jury No bill my case, but record was also expunged because Steve is the man!




Posted by a Criminal Defense client

on Nov 11, 2011

An excellent, reliable, trustworthy and hardworking attorney!!!!

Being a court employee in Harris County I had always heard great things about Steve. So when a close family member was in need of a good Criminal Attorney I immediately thought of him. Steve did an incredible job, walked us through it all step by step, and always returned all calls!!! He did such great work in getting the case dismissed that when a friend called me asking if I knew of anyone to refer him to I quickly gave him his number and sure enough, Steve worked the case and got it dismissed too! Thank you Steve!!!




Posted by a Criminal Defense client

on Nov 10, 2011

A Dedicated Attorney Who Will Get The Best Outcome.

He prepared me in advance for what to expect in every situation. He is very easy to communicate with and was responsive to any questions I had. He has an exceptional staff that gets things done. I've dealt with three other reputable attorneys and no one compared to him. In a time when things were really critical I was very fortunate to come in contact with an attorney with credentials like Mr. Shellist, especially someone that genuinely cares about your case.


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