Defending Juveniles Throughout Texas


The important thing to know about a juvenile offense or charge is that, while the offense may be similar to an adult offense, the juvenile justice system is extremely different. To navigate the juvenile justice system successfully, it is important to hire a lawyer with extensive juvenile law experience to represent your child. At Shellist McAlister, LLP both of the partners are former assistant district attorneys for Harris County with extensive experience prosecuting and defending juveniles charged with serious crimes. They have the skill and experience necessary to represent your child in juvenile crime matters.


Don't let your child make any incriminating statements to police officer, before contacting the firm in Houston, Texas for a free consultation about your child's case. Every year nearly 130,000 children enter into the Texas juvenile justice system. They may be simply picked up and given a warning, or they may face serious charges, initiated by local juvenile officials. Some of the common types of juvenile charges relate to:


Marijuana possession and drug charges

Weapons charges

Assault cases

Criminal trespass and burglary

Most sentences, called dispositions in juvenile cases, are based on the concept of progressive sanctions. The goal is to balance public protection, offender accountability and rehabilitation. The courts have many different options when dealing with juvenile crimes, ranging from certifying the child as an adult to deferred prosecution, where a child's case is dismissed if he or she meets all the conditions of the program.


The court appoints a lawyer to your child's case immediately, but you have the option of selecting one to represent them. Shellist McAlister, LLP is not a volume based practice, like some of the appointed attorneys. Their team approach utilizes the skills of four former prosecutors to represent individual clients. They take only a select group of cases to ensure they are able to provide the attention and dedication needed in that particular case.


To sit down and speak with a Houston juvenile defense attorney, contact the firm to schedule a free consultation.


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