Defending Texans against Weapons Charges


Many people in Texas do not understand the distinction between a legal and an illegal weapon. That difference, however, can and will subject a citizen to serious criminal charges. At the law firm of Shellist McAlister, LLP, in Houston, Texas, a team of former Harris County prosecutors works hard to defend people against any and all criminal weapons charges.


By using a legal team approach in every case they handle, the attorneys at Shellist McAlister, LLP, use the skills and talents of not one, but two highly qualified and experienced criminal defense attorneys. This approach enables them to take advantage of over fifty years’ worth of criminal trial experience when developing powerful defense strategies against weapons charges such as:


> Possession of an illegal firearm

> Violating a concealed carry statute

> Weapons trafficking

> An alien possessing a firearm

> Felon in possession of a firearm

> Brandishing or discharging a firearm

> Unlawfully carrying a weapon

The Evolving Law Concerning Weapons


Weapons statutes in Texas seem to change with every Legislative session and the statutes are often difficult to understand. In the last few years alone there have been significant changes to whether a person without a concealed carry license can carry a firearm in their car (and how), what constitutes a “prohibited weapon,” and when someone has to retreat before using deadly force. "Ignorance of the law,” however, is not a defense to criminal charges. The attorneys at Shellist McAlister, LLP, are skilled at dissecting weapons allegations to best represent their clients.


Anyone facing a serious criminal weapons charge in state or federal court should contact Shellist McAlister, LLP, immediately for a free consultation. The firm’s experienced attorneys will discuss the case in an easy-to-understand fashion and offer practical advice for any situation.


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