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When arrested and charged with a DWI (driving while intoxicated), also sometimes referred to as a DUI, the most important thing you should do is to hire an experienced DWI lawyer to represent you. At the law firm of Shellist McAlister, LLP, located in Houston Texas, two former Harris County Prosecutors take a legal team approach when representing people charged with drunk driving or other alcohol related offenses.


Unlike other offenses, where a record sealing may remove the offense from a person's criminal record, a DWI conviction remains on your record for life. This may affect your insurance rates, your driving privileges, and the severity of criminal charges you may face in the future. It is therefore crucial that you hire an experienced DWI defense lawyer to defend you against these criminal charges.


Three former prosecutors with over 40 years combined experience as criminal defense and DWI lawyers.

DWI charges have also become more complex over the past few years. While breath tests used to be the norm, now blood tests have become a more popular tool for law enforcement in combating DWIs. Breath and blood DWI charges are not easily handled by the average criminal defense lawyer. They may have a flashy website that boasts “DWI Defense”, but you need more than that to fight DWIs these days. You need creative and aggressive former prosecutors who also have experience as DWI defense lawyers to uncover the critical evidence needed to fight the government.


If you want experienced, winning criminal defense lawyers on your side, give us a call. We don’t have to be your first or even your last call. Just make sure that while you are investigating which DWI lawyer you want to hire that you at least visit with us and include us in that process. We do not charge for phone calls or even office consultations.

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