Defending People against Assault Charges in Texas


Allegations of assault can arise out of domestic disputes, bar fights, fights between acquaintances, and situations where you weren't even the first aggressor. Since police officers usually show up after the fight has started, they have to take the word of witnesses to determine whom to arrest. This might not be the person responsible for the assault.


At Shellist McAlister, LLP, the attorneys take a legal team approach when representing people charged with assault. As two former Harris County Prosecutors, they understand how the police work, and recommend that you contact them immediately for a free consultation.


With experience as assistant district attorneys, the attorneys at Shellist McAlister, LLP understand the tactics used by police officers and prosecutors to elicit statements and seek convictions for those accused of assault. Keep in mind that making any statements to police can jeopardize the final outcome of your case. Before saying anything, consult an experienced felony defense lawyer. Additionally, the lawyers may recommend taking photographs, seeking medical attention and other defensive strategies that are time sensitive.

Don't make the mistake of providing incriminating statements to police. Speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney now.

Assault charges can range from simple arguments between friends to altercations involving deadly conduct. Our firm can defend you against any of the following:


Aggravated assault

Intoxication assault

Class A assault

Class C assault

Injury to a child

Injury to the elderly


Unlawful restraint


To schedule a free consultation to discuss your assault charges and your legal options, contact the law firm of Shellist McAlister, LLP today. The firm's lawyers work as a team to represent you in all serious criminal matters.


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