Making it Right When Things Went Wrong


Sometimes the system breaks down and an injustice occurs. State and federal laws are supposed to make sure innocent people do not get convicted. They require the lawyer to zealously defend his client and the government to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt while honoring the rules designed to protect the accused. Judges are supposed to make rulings based on the law and the evidence. Sometimes, however, these things don’t happen and the defendant pays the price.


If you were convicted or put on probation for a crime in state or federal court, there are multiple ways to go back and challenge what happened. There are even some situations where you can attack your own decision to plead guilty to the offense. The remedies possible in your case will depend on the specific facts. Depending on those facts, you may be entitled to:


>  File a motion for new trial;

>  File a direct appeal;

>  Petition the Court of Criminal Appeals for discretionary review;

>  Petition the United States Supreme Court for certiorari;

>  Apply for a writ of habeas corpus; or

>  Move for DNA testing to prove your innocence.

The law firm of Shellist McAlister, LLP brings over a decade of post-conviction experience to your case. Having appeared before federal appellate courts and nearly all Texas appellate courts, our criminal lawyers have litigated over 300 criminal appeals and habeas writs in cases ranging from death penalty capital murder and huge drug cases to misdemeanor family assaults and DWI cases.


When your liberty is at stake—whether you received a long prison sentence or are suffering under the conditions of probation—you need the trust and experience of our talented lawyers.


Contact the firm today for a free initial consultation. Do not delay. Time is of the essence in appeal and habeas writ situations.



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